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Bird Proofing

Having too many birds in the wrong place can often cause some complications. We offer a solution that is compliant with UK standards and is performed with our morals as the leading factor.

Why Do You Need Bird Proofing?

When pigeons and gulls nest on your property, this can not only become a nuisance and disruptive, but can also cause health risks and other hazards. However, there are legislative implications that reduce the actions you can take to remove them. We can provide bird proofing whilst remaining in line with the guidelines and ensure we remain ethical in our work.

How Does It Work?

We have good connections with some of the leading manufacturers of bird spikes. This gives us multiple options on types of spikes and other proofing measure which means we’ll be able to fit your spikes seamlessly wherever the nest is.

The first step of our procedure is to visit you. We’ll carefully assess the problem and fully investigate the area in need of protection. We’ll then discuss our options with you then come to the most effective, cost-efficient and aesthetically pleasing solution together.

Solar Panels

As more people are choosing green energy, solar panels on roofs are becoming increasingly prevalent. Pigeons and other birds find the cavity between the panel and roof tiles safe and choose to frequently nest in these spaces. We have fitted numerous bird proofing solutions since our company was established. This has led us to develop different systems that work to protect this cavity in an effective way that is almost impossible to see when looking at the solar panels.

We have over time fitted different systems to protect this cavity from being used for this proposal and as such we have come to a system now that we find to be not only the most cost-effective but most aesthetically pleasing system which when fitted gives complete protection and often not even noticed by ones looking at the panels.

Have a project for us?

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