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Render Cleaning

Is the coloured render on your property suffering from staining? Let us fix it for you with our top-notch equipment and skilled render cleaning teams! No matter the render – K-Rend, Monocouche, Sand & Cement… – our deep cleaning process will remove any algae spores and carbon environmental staining.
Why do you need your render cleaned?

Over time, your property can start to look a bit tired, and your render can become stained. This staining is often caused by red, green and black algae, moss growth and carbon atmospheric staining. Having your render cleaned by a team of professionals – such as our render teams at Wadesons – not only gives your property that fresh look, but can also add value to your property which is great if you’re wanting to rent or sell.

How does it work?

All the treatments we apply to the render for cleaning are HSE approved, meaning they are biodegradable and will kill any algae during the cleaning process. We then apply a biodegradable Inhibitor once the clean is complete in order to ensure the regrowth of algae spores is suppressed. We’ll work with you to ensure we deliver the safest solution and minimize any environmental impact. The safety of you, our team and the environment are paramount when working with chemicals.

Take a look at our case studies to see some of the incredible transformations we have performed.

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